Pelikan M400 White Tortoise

Hey there everyone! It’s Ria with another ‘review’ of sorts. Get excited because today I’m discussing the Pelikan M400 White Tortoise (in case the title didn’t tip you off already).


This pen is gorgeous, absolutely fabulous! It definitely has a WOW factor for sure. It’s just so pretty! *sniff* The sleeve is a wonderful translucent amber green surrounded by white, which only makes the sleeve stand out even more! It’s seriously mesmerizing, especially twirling it under any kind of light. Not saying I spent an hour doing this but not denying it either.


The nib is a beautiful two-toned piece of art. Yes this pen is more than a writing instrument, it is ART! Oh, and all those wonderful things you hear about Pelikan nibs writing buttery smooth is impressively and completely true. People, it’s the real deal. This pen writes amazingly! I’m astounded! I ordered one in medium because it’s my ‘safe’ nib. It lays down a nice wet line and the nib is springy enough to do some Spencerian but I wouldn’t push it. The quality is of the charts with M400, from the aesthetics to the performance, it’s really terrific. Did I mention it’s really, really, REALLY pretty?


Even the packaging is pretty!!! It comes with its own white sleeve with a brown ribbon. You feel like you’re unwrapping a present every time you take it out. I think it’s a great feature that it comes with a sleeve, it’s very elegant.


Despite its model-like looks, this pen is very small, like short. I have to write with it posted for long sessions. My fingers are long, my hands are not freakishly big but my fingers are just freakishly long. I was surprised with the size, I think the M600 would be the perfect size for me to be honest. The pen is still awesome though!

Here is my quick ode to it:


Below are some specs.

M400 White Tortoise (taken from Pelikan website):
• System: Piston-filler
• Body: Resin (gorgeous striped green surrounded by white) with 24K Gold trim
• Nib: 14K Gold
• Capped: 12.5 cm
• Posted: 14.6 cm
• Weight: 15 oz

Sir Inky’s Ratings:

Design/Aesthetics: 10/10

Nib: 10/10

Overall Grade: A



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