My Everyday Carry #EDC

Hi everyone! Ria here and thought I’d do a post on my everyday carry. I actually put more thought into this than it would seem.

First, my pen had to be Ria-proof, meaning it could take a beating and keep on writing. I contemplated this for a hard minute, should I go with something I already had like my Visconti Homo Sapiens, maybe my Karas Kustoms, or should I buy a whole new pen and justify it in some warped way?

Obviously I bought a new pen! Come on people that was a no brainer! I chalked it up as a gift to myself for Mother’s Day, aren’t I the sweetest to myself?!


Anyways, I bought the Tactile Turn Copper pen in medium. I got it on sale too! So it was literally meant to be mine, right? I thought this pen would be too heavy since it’s made from freaking copper but it’s actually pretty perfect! I don’t know how but this pen does not hurt my hands and is now a favorite in my collection. I think it might even be my FAVORITE! *gasp*

I’ve dropped this pen about 4 times, it hangs off the side of my Traveler’s Notebook like it’s nobody’s business and it still writes beautifully! I carry it around in my purse, my son’s diaper bag, or just around and it functions like the first day I received it. Amazing? Yes! Not only is this pen a badass, it patina’s nicely because of the copper. It’s really unusual and I really love it! The nib writes very smooth and lays down a nice, wet, and juicy line. The way I like it. It’s great! Just great!


I paired this pen with my Traveler’s Notebook. I have 2 book inserts, a lined and diary. I use the line as my bullet journal and my diary as a traveling journal. The only gripe I have is the paper isn’t very friendly to markers like the Tombow series (that I have a mess of!) but I’m using the Zebra Sarasa Needlepoint Fineliner Pen I received I my iPenBox and it is working marvelously. At least it’s watercolor and fountain pen friendly. I also have a zipper and pouch insert for randomness. Des made me a green kitty kraft folder that I put my Goulet Pens thank you cards as inspiration (they are so pretty!) and she decked out my notebook with charms! I have a bookmark charm and front cover charm all supplied by Des. She actually had to put them on for me because I don’t know anything about that knot tying life.


The other two items are my Sakura Koi travel watercolors and Caran D’Ache pencil box with my pencil, sharpener, eraser, and sarasa pen. These items were given to me by Des for my birthday this year! I love them a lot. I actually got into watercolor because of Des’ gift.


The rest of my edc are some copper paper clips and a brass ruler. I need to get some scissors (I have one in my Amazon cart), a few cards/sticks to put my washi tape, some stickers, and that’s it. I’m still building up my edc so I’ll keep you all updated as it progresses.


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