The Art of Cursive

Hi everyone! It’s Ria… again (Des will post, I promise! ). I decided to post about an interesting way to improve your handwriting. It’s called The Art of Cursive. This revolutionary handwriting book comes from the creators of Cursive Logic. I must also give a shout-out to Goulet Pens for letting their customers know about this great product!


Both books teach you cursive in a fast and comprehensive way. They group letters by shape, utilize connective letter strings (you connect letters instead of practicing them individually), and each group is color themed to reinforce the shapes. The Art of Cursive is different from Cursive Logic because it’s also a coloring book! Sweet!


The Art of CursiveLogic is made for lovers of pen and ink. The pages, which measure 8.5″ x 11″, will be made of heavy paper to allow each artist to choose his or her favorite pens, fountain pens, pencils, or markers to complete the designs. The book will provide 24 designs, along with an opportunity to trace and then practice writing each quotation before incorporating it into the design. Each image flows from an inspiring quotation that also appears in the design. Parts of some of the quotations are incorporated into the image itself. Other parts are hand-lettered, at first with guidance, around the image. The result is a piece of unique, inspiring art worthy of removing from the book and displaying in your home. (

I backed this Kickstarter a year ago and I’m very pleased with what was produced. I pledged money for two books, one for my son and the other for my students. I think this is a great teaching method and I can see my little ones going crazy coloring the pictures with glee.


Personally, I’m more focused on my Spencerian, however, if Spencerian is too intense, then The Art of Cursive or Cursive Logic are both great alternatives, not to mention, they are both fountain pen friendly! Double Sweet!


I think the most important thing this workbook does for its users is that it makes cursive fun. Everything in life should be fun but unfortunately that’s not always the case so if you’re interested in handwriting, then I strongly suggest you give The Art of Cursive a go!


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