Faber-Castell e-Motion

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would give you my thoughts on the Faber-Castell e-Motion. I actually received this fountain pen from Massdrop in their Mystery Writing Box. Only a lucky few were able to get this in their boxes so I was extremely grateful I was one of them (Des didn’t get one and she’ll be forever vex at me for it).


The e-Motion would never be a pen that I would buy. It has a chunky cigar shaped body, a slick metal grip, and it’s very heavy. However, upon trying this pen, I absolutely adored it!!! I received the dark brown pearwood version and it’s definitely one of my favorites in the aesthetics department. The cap is a metal screw on, which adds to its luxurious appeal. The clip can be squeezed to easily access the material of clipping choice. The nib is amazing! I received an extra fine so it writes more like a fine by the western versus eastern standards. The stainless steel nib is very smooth (unlike the Graf von Faber-Castell Cognac) and lays down a nice wet line, which is surprising for an extra fine. It also comes with its own converter, yay! The writing experience is divine, you feel like you’re writing with something of worth. Seriously, the nib just glides across the paper with just the weight of its own body! I can see this fountain pen being a statement piece in someone’s office or library. It has wood for crying out loud! That’s just the Faber-Castell brand for you. Suffice it to say, the Pen Gods blessed me with this e-Motion, unlike another that I will not name *cough* Graf von Faber-Castell Cognac *cough*


Of course, I cannot use this pen for long writing sessions because of the weight but I can see people with larger hands and no broken bones being just fine. Unposted, this pen is a bit short so I prefer it posted, making it a smidge heavier. Oh joy.


Here are some pen specs:
• Cartridge/converter system
• Body is combination of high-gloss chromed metal and pearwood in dark brown
• Cap is screw on and spring loaded metal clip
• Nib: Stainless Steel
• Capped: 137.7mm
• Posted: 146.4mm
• Unposted: 116.6mm
• Weight: 57g


Sir Inky’s Ratings:
Design/Aesthetics: 10/10
Nib: 10/10
Overall Grade: A



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