Lamy Safari Charcoal

Hi everyone! It’s Ria with another pen to give you my thoughts on! Woo! (I wouldn’t exactly say this is a pen review, it’s informal, my points are everywhere so let’s just call it like it is.)

Ok, enough with the excitement. Today, I’m talking about the Lamy Safari Charcoal.


I received this pen from Massdrop in their Writing Mystery Box. God I love that box!
Moving on, the charcoal is beautiful. It’s plastic body has a cool matte finish and a black steel nib. It’s gorgeous! It writes very smooth and lays down a thick line with its medium nib. It’s very light so you can definitely use this for extended writing sessions. I am a fan of the tripod grip but I know some are not. I feel like if you were to use a shading ink, you’ll get great results with this pen. I inked mine with Visconti Sepia and it’s a nice matchup. Below are the specifications (if you care about that sort of thing).


Pen Specs are taken from the Goulet Pen Company website:
• Cartridge/converter system
• Body is made of Resin, including the Grip
• Cap is snap on
• Available nib widths are EF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium), B (broad), STUB (1.1mm, 1.5mm & 1.9mm)
• Capped: 139.54mm
• Posted: 163.92mm
• Unposted: 128.72mm
• Weight: 17g


Of course, maintenance is a breeze. You can take apart this pen to clean very easily and the nibs are interchangeable with other Lamy nibs. I find this a very cool feature of Lamy pens. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a converter and only takes Lamy proprietary cartridges, which sucks but oh well. This pen is excellent for beginners new to the fountain pen world and is a favorite among most enthusiasts. They are affordable pens despite having to buy the proprietary converter separately. I mean, I have two and I might get 3 more! Yes, I’m obsessed.


Sir Inky’s ratings:
Design/Aesthetics: 8/10 (he likes PRECIOUS resin *rolls eyes*)
Nib: 8/10 (he prefers gold, what a snob!)
Overall Grade: B



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