Massdrop Mystery Writing Box

Hi everyone! It’s Ria! Sorry for the late post, it’s been crazy lately. The Youth Fair is in town and I’ve had elephant ear cravings every night this week. I believe in indulgence (hence the pen addiction) so suffice it to say, I bought the season pass. Best decision ever!

In between my elephant ear and pizza consumption, I was able to convince Des to buy a blind deal on Massdrop with me. It was for a $50 Mystery Writing Box valued at $150 or more. There were only 150 boxes and 10 random but oh-so -lucky participants were promised a Faber-Castell e-Motion. This deal sold out in 2 hours with a time allotted for 3/5 days (I can’t really remember, I blame all that powdered sugar). Obviously, it was best thing since sliced bread.

I waited with baited breath for my box to arrive last week. I literally called Des and told her this. She laughed at me. I started stalking the mail carriers again, the discussion board, and the tracking number. Good thing I did! My box was supposed to arrive on Tuesday but was delayed till Thursday, then showed up on Wednesday! I was ahead of the game though, with my expert surveillance (gives self a congratulatory pat on the back). I kept Des in the loop too and she just laughed at me some more.

I waited for Des to finish work and we face timed each other as we opened our boxes. I got:
• Corcho lime green graph slim notebook
• Brause introductory calligraphy set
• Leuchtturm orange master slim notebook
• De Atramentis Giacomo Puccini ink
• Ogami grey lined soft cover small notebook
• Forever Cuba multistrato wood napkin pen
• Pilot G-Tec-C red hyper fine 0.25mm gel pen
• Lamy charcoal fountain pen medium
• Pilot Frixion LX erasable gel pens 7 pk
• Moleskine medium tawny olive ruled notebook
• Noodler’s Summer Tangerine ink

Oh yea, did I mention the FABER-CASTELL e-MOTION dark brown wood in extra fine!!!


Needless to say, I was excited about my box and my pen!!! I’m never this lucky. Not ever! I wonder if it’s because my Graf’s nib was so horrible the Fountain Pen Gods decided I should get another chance? Well THANK YOU is all I have to say! Des hates me now.

Here’s a bit on my pens:

The e-Motion writes like a dream! The nib is smooth and wet. That’s surprising for an extra fine. I’m very pleased with this pen, it’s made out of wood and the cap is a screw on. It is a tad heavy and I think I like it better posted. I need to write with it more to get a feel for it.


My Lamy is great! I matched it with my Visconti Sepia ink. It’s a stunning matchup! The Lamy charcoal is gorgeous with a smooth wet nib. It’s light and feels nice to hold with its tripod grip section. The nib and clip is black and the body has a matte finish so that’s a nice touch. it’s a perfect compliment to my white Safari.


All in all, I would definitely recommend this box to anyone who likes stationery and I would buy it again in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity. My box went way over the $150 mark and all I did was invest $50. Thank you Massdrop, you’ve been very kind.

Below are the items I decided to keep, the rest I gave to my husband because I’m nice like that hehe.



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