Spencerian Practice & Theory

Hi everyone! It’s Ria, your friendly neighborhood scribe, well wannabe anyways. I’m here to talk to you all about my journey in improving my handwriting (and still continuing).

20170401_201342During my pregnancy, I nearly lost my mind. The only thing that saved me was the Spencerian drills. Well that and snow cones, shout-out to Bahama Bucks!!! Woot, woot!

Between snow cone breaks and being pregnant, I decided to buy the Spencerian practice books with the Theory book. I just had the urge too (craving maybe?). I also used my white Lamy Safari in a medium nib  with Lamy cartridges (black & blue) because I didn’t have a converter at the time. The Lamy Safari is a great pen. It’s a true workhorse. It’s light, the tripod grip is amazing, and it gets the job done. I know I stress light pens in my reviews and other blog musings but that’s because I broke my hand/fingers twice in the span of six months.

Long story; shortened version: I punched a wall the first time, thought my hand healed (spoiler: it didn’t), took my cast off (myself), had to go back to the doctor to get another cast because I broke it again the next day (different fingers, same hand) playing with my dog Hennessey, which was the lie I told everyone in the first place because I didn’t want anyone to know I punched a wall. I waited for the doctor to take off the cast the second time hehe. Oh, this was pre-pregnancy and pre-marriage, when times were simpler and I didn’t have to be that responsible.

The next pen I used in the drills was my Faber-Castell Loom in a medium nib. I love the nib on this pen! It’s $40 but writes like an $80 pen because the nib is that amazing! It’s a steel nib and one of my favorites. I can’t write too much with this pen because it’s heavy, the grip is slick, it’s just not convenient for long sessions and that saddens me. At least I still have my Lamy!

20170401_201308You should really use an oblique pen holder with a flexible nib and dipping ink (please never use this ink in your fountain pen, it will ruin it). I didn’t have the patience for that. I actually bought a Pilot Custom 912 with a Mottishaw Spencerian grind. I love this pen! The 10K nib is super flexible, the pen is light but has a very good size for being so weightless. It’s also very elegant looking with a screw-on cap. Very chic.

Screenshot_20170407-224631I found the Spencerian practice books to be very overwhelming. I did lines after lines after lines. There are five books of lines! To be honest though, you kind of need it. You’re committing everything to muscle memory and it’s not easy to undo 30 years of crappy handwriting. I chose this type of handwriting because it’s very pretty (to me at least) and sophisticated.

The Theory book was a waste of time for me. Like seriously. It’s written in old English but not with words like hither or thy, but language they used in the mid-1800’s. It was really boring and of no help but then again I have no patience so I skipped right to the drills.

It was very calming and even relaxing to do while being pregnant. I was in my own little zone, no nausea, acid, itching, or hating of the world. To that, I’ll always be grateful for those Spencerian drills. Way to keep a to-be-mommy sane!

If you are interested in Spencerian, I highly recommend the practice books. If you absolutely have to have the Theory book, you can get it but you don’t really need it.


Here are some links you may find useful if you’re trying to improve your handwriting or if you’re interested in Spencerian:


7 thoughts on “Spencerian Practice & Theory

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  6. Hello. I just saw you are following my now defunct blog “You’re Covered!” I really need to delete that thing somehow. It was created years ago when I thought a cottage industry making Bible covers would have been a go. Nooot!

    Now, if you really want to follow a blog of mine how about the one I am actively pursuing, vintage garment making. https://www.sewlyricallyvintage.wordpress.com

    Either way, my new projects involve bullet journaling with a travel notebook, fountain pens, and learning Spencerian script. You are my new handwriting guru. I respect your journey.

    Namaste, Lyric

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lyric! You’re so sweet and funny! Thank you! Your defunct blog is interesting but I just followed your vintage garment making blog. That’s really cool. Thank you and I respect your journey as well, good luck with your pursuits! Not sure if I’m a handwriting guru but thank you! I find a great deal of inspiration on Instagram and other master penmen. YouTube is pretty informative as well. Thanks again!

      Cheers, Ria


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