#RockYourHandwriting Challenge



Hey everyone! It’s Ria letting you all know that Des and I are planning on participating in the #RockYourHandwriting for the month of April. Basically, you follow April’s prompt and post a photo with the tag #RockYourHandwriting so the community can follow along with you. This is not only to engage in handwriting practice but your thinking as well. How and why did you decide to apply the prompt to your handwriting? It’s deep people. I for one, would like to practice my letter sizes and creative thinking.

It’s not hard to get started either. All you need is a pen and some paper. I would suggest using journal-like stationery. You can utilize it throughout the year and it’s nice to see any progressions you’ve made at the end of each month.

My materials will be: Goulet Notebook; lined (Tomoe River), Kaweco Classic; Bordeaux fine nib, and Diamine Oxblood ink cartridges.

We hope that you all will #RockYourHandwriting with us!

Questions: What would your materials be? What do you want to practice or gain from this challenge? Comment below!

This challenge was created by Kara @boho.berry, Dee @decadethirty, Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper, and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine. Thank you ladies!


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