iPenBox (March)


This month’s iPenstore Subscription Box theme is Paperworld! Apparently Paperworld is a huge thing globally. Personally, I have never heard of it till I got this box so thank you for the education iPenBox, much appreciated.

Here is some background on the Paperworld trade show for those of you who are like me, clueless. It’s a four day trade show where 15000 exhibitors from 65 different countries come to show off their latest and greatest in paper/stationery. It’s held in these 4 locations; Frankfurt, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Shanghai yearly.

In this box I received the Wing Sung Hero Demonstrator fountain pen in a fine nib. On Instagram, I realized that everyone received different colors of this pen, like a yellow, blue, red, or green. I received the red. It’s a cute little pen, very light and I love the triangular grip. It’s definitely nice to see the ink like in all demonstrators and the nib writes really well. I think might use this as an everyday carry pen. I’ve had no problems with ink flow or skipping. It also comes with it’s own converter! So far so good!

The ink sample this month is actually the Lamy Pacific, or more commonly known as the Lamy Turquoise  hehe (just had too). I have always liked the Lamy Turquoise, I mean, Pacific so I was happy to get a sample of the ink. Still lovely, nice shading, and great ink flow in my Wing Sung. All in all, not so bad.

I can’t wait for April’s box! Below is the hint! I totally think it has something to do with ‘Hand-Lettering’!!! What do you think? HaHa


Photo credit: iPenstore


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