iPenBox Subscription

Hi, it’s Ria! I will be recapping my thoughts on my monthly subscription boxes from the iPenstore, fondly known as the iPenBox. This subscription box is for fountain pen, ink, and stationery enthusiasts. Unfortunately, there’s hardly any subscription boxes with fountain pens and ink. There are some wonderful boxes out there but no guarantee that a fountain pen or ink will be included. In this box, it is. I became a subscriber in August 2016, but will be doing recaps starting from January 2017.

The iPenBox is $30 for the U.S. and $40 International (sorry guys!). No extra moolah for shipping. It brings you the best quality stationery from around the world and you will get a fountain pen and ink sample every month. Sweet! They also send you a code for 10% off anything in their store and have a hint for what the next month’s theme might be. I love that because I should have been a detective in another life.

I have never been really disappointed with my iPenBox so that’s a plus. I’m always trying to figure out the theme for the next month because I like controlled surprises. My recaps are not going to be in-depth reviews because 1). they literally provide you with a link that tells you everything you need to know about your products and 2). it comes with pictures. I work smart. Basically, I will be stating my opinions. I make no money from this subscription, it’s all for you. Enjoy!

Photo credit: iPenstore


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