iPenBox (January)


This month’s iPenBox theme is Japan! I am highly impressed with this month’s box. First of all, there is a Pilot Kakuno fountain pen, a Kakuno!!! This pen graces my list but I had yet to buy it. Not any more!!! Suffice it to say, it made my month! The ink sample wasn’t too shabby either. I received the Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-Jaku ink sample, which is a very pretty ink but I find that most Iroshizuku inks are. It’s a turquoise ink, very reminiscent of a peacock. Extremely pretty.

My Kakuno writes very well for a fine nib, smooth and clean. I’ve never been disappointed with any nibs I’ve received from Pilot and I own about 10 right now. I think this is a great sketch pen, that’s how good the nib is. Unfortunately, it does not come with a converter but the Pilot con-50 can be purchased separately. It has a nice grip, making it very easy to hold and write. Those with a tripod grip will find this pen comfortable. It is light so it’s a good note taking pen and can be used as an everyday carry. The nib is the most unique thing about it since it winks at you! Pen with a cheeky attitude, what’s not to like?


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