iPenBox (February)


This month’s iPenstore Subscription Box theme is Kill Winter with Orange! This box was curated with the collaboration of @randomthinks. I live in sunny Florida so this theme wasn’t something I could relate to but appreciated all the same. The rationale is because winter is so gloomy up North, the creators of iPenBox and @randomthinks decided that orange was the perfect color to ‘kill’ the winter blues with. Therefore, everything in the box was orange, down to the candy.

In this box I received the Sheaffer Viewpoint Calligraphy fountain pen with a 2.0mm broad nib. I already have this pen! I even offered Des this pen! She didn’t want it, I ended up giving it to my husband. This is a nice pen, Sheaffer is a well-known and trusted brand. The pen writes nicely, it’s wet and smooth. It gives your hand-writing that faux calligraphy look without really trying… or talent. It just sucks that I already owned the exact same pen! Oh, and you have to get the converter separately.

The ink sample this month does not disappoint and to be honest, it never does. It is from the new line of Monteverde inks. This sample is Mandarin Orange. The ink has been reformulated to improve ink flow, extend cap off time, and protect the pen’s ink feeding system. Pretty awesome sounding that’s for sure!


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